Research and Analysis

We get to know a project, specify its assumptions, identify risks and minimise them at an early stage through technological recognition and with the help of PoC sub-projects (Proof of Concept). We audit existing solutions.

What form does the process take?

OBJECTIVE: obtaining confirmation of the possibility of moving from the conceptual phase and determining the optimal strategy for the development of a solution. Obtaining minimum TRL III.

  • Analysis

    We get to know the project, specify its assumptions and define the problem, all using ‘design thinking’ methods

  • Audit

    Our engineers analyse the existing solutions of the client, make a technological review of the market, indicate potential errors and recommend improvements.

  • Studies

    We look for the best way to solve a problem. We carry out concept work (Proof of Concept) in the form of dedicated sub-projects and carry out research, tests and various simulations, as needed. We put all the requirements together and then, along with the Customer, we specify them.

  • Documentation

    We develop the documentation necessary for the professional implementation of the project and identify the risks involved and ways to mitigate them. We create preliminary design documentation for the project and present a quote for further work, as well as a cost estimate for materials and equipment.

What can we do for you?

  • We can analyse your problem and prepare project specifications.

  • We can conduct research work, in order to find the best solution to a given problem.

  • We can conduct a project valuation, based on the assumptions adopted.

Research and Analysis

Before starting to implement the project, its fullest possible specification should be developed, i.e. define the scope of work, the technologies, the risks and the schedule and estimate the costs. The FastLogic engineering team supports the design assumptions process using techniques of prototyping and ‘Design Thinking’ so-called. We work with the Customer, both when establishing assumptions and during the main implementation of the project, which facilitates implementation and ensures the faster achievement of satisfactory results.

For existing solutions, we offer an audit service. This service allows one to become acquainted with the opinion of our engineers about a given solution, taking into account its current status and current, state-of-the-art, technical capabilities. Based on our knowledge and previous experience, we analyse and identify potential errors in design and propose corrections and improvements.