The development process of modern electronic and IT solutions consists of several stages. In FastLogic we support our clients in the process of gradual project development: from concept and the problem definition to the final implementation. Our team wants to take most out of their extensive experience to materialize your ideas. We can offer you complex project development or support at any of its phases of your choice.

Proposed models of our ​​cooperation:

  • ​​Short-term cooperation – FastLogic is an outsourcing partner for your company and realizes an electronic/information technology project in a short-term collaboration. In this case, we use the ‘fixed-specs/fixed-price‘ strategy.
  • ​​Long-term cooperation – FastLogic is an outsourcing partner for your business providing support for electronic/information technology projects in a long-term cooperation as a partner of your R&D department. In this case, we use the appropriate agreements (Master Service Agreement) and monthly billing reports.
  • ​​Auditing – FastLogic performs the audit of the presented solution providing guidance regarding its improvement in the form of a report.
  • ​​Consulting – FastLogic accepts the contract for the consultation on the selected phase of the project (e.g. circuit development, PCB design project, IPCore development, etc.).

We work on innovative projects, which often break common schemes, where the protection of information is of the utmost importance. We protect our know-how and that of our clients by confidentiality agreements. They include our employees, business partners (manufacturers of printed circuit boards, suppliers of components, etc..) and everything is wrapped by a confidentiality agreement with the client. We use the actual protection of the technology, appropriately partitioning the knowledge necessary for its restoration. We make every possible effort so that the cooperation with us provides our clients the highest chance of achieving a competitive advantage in the target markets.


We realize our projects following a process approach (ISO 9001:2008), continually focusing on client’s needs, appropriately recognizing and verifying them. Our client can overlook the status of the project from the very moment of its specification. For the purposes of a particular task we form an adequately selected team of specialists. The Project Manager ensures proper communication between the Client and the team, providing adequate information flow. He also performs the advisory functions so that the project solves the actual problem and is completed on time and within budget.

We invite you to get familiar with the structure and details of our services:

Research Phase


Project Phase


Implementation Phase


Production Phase


Research Phase


We get to know the project, specify its assumptions, define the problem - all that using the design thinking methods.


Through research, we seek solutions to the problem and the risks that might follow to eliminate any potential hazards to the project.


Basing on the collected information and completed project specifications, we present an estimated schedule and cost of work.


Our experts will carry out an analysis of existing solutions, indicate potential errors and recommend solutions.

What can we do for you?

Problem analysis and preparation of project specification

Research dedicated to finding the best solution to a given problem

Conducting project cost estimation based on adopted assumptions

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Research and analysis

Prior to the implementation of the project, its possibly most detailed specification should be developed, i.e., determining the problem, identifying possible ways of its solution, risks, schedule and cost estimation. Sometimes the solution to the problem previously assumed by the client does not lie where you may think. At times even the problem itself is not properly recognized.


Therefore FastLogic supports the process of determining design guidelines using prototyping techniques and design thinking. The use of continuous interaction with clients or potential customers of the product, both when determining the assumptions and realizing the project itself, allows not only for the correct diagnosis of the problem, but most of all for the better fulfillment of the needs of the target group of the product.


For existing solutions we offer the audit service. It allows our customers to know the opinion of our experts about the given solution taking into account its current status and current technical capabilities (state-of-the-art). We analyze and point out potential errors in the project, as the cause of faults that already exist or may occur in the future.

Project Phase

Electronic project

We design the electronic device - we develop the architecture, schematics, PCBs, we create, implement and test the prototype.

What can we do for you?

Development of the system architecture (block diagram)

Development of detailed wiring diagram

Development of PCB project

Implementation of the prototype: PCB manufacturing, installation and start-up

Functional tests

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On the basis of the developed specification we proceed to prepare a draft of an electronic device. It is produced in several phases: architecture concept (pre-BOM), development of circuits (BOM), PCB design and implementation when the prototype is manufactured.
Our competences include the designing of devices using most modern electronic components, both in terms of digital techniques – FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), DSP (Digital Signal Processors) and SoC (Systems on Chip) and analog ones – readout and signal conditioning circuits, switching power circuits (AC / DC, DC / DC power converters) etc.


We take advantage of the latest technology achievements in the field of wireless communication systems – BT4.0, WiFi, GSM modems and others. In our projects we use very fast DDR2, DDR3 memory chips (e.g. in conjunction with FPGAs or modern SoCs), which require a special approach during the design of printed circuit boards.


We design multi-layer PCBs with a feature size of down to 3-4 mils. For projects that require it, we use impedance control techniques of RF signal lines at the design as well as at the production stage, cooperating closely with the technicians responsible for the manufacturing of circuits designed by us. In such situations, we consult with the technology specialist the selection of materials and parameters of the layers (so-called ‘Stackup’), so that at the end we obtain an electronic device which operates according to the assumptions.


In addition, we analyze the production costs of selected technologies (base material, feature size, via sizes), which allows for finding a compromise between the quality of the circuit and the production costs. The circuit designed by us is already matched to the chosen technology which meets the budgetary targets.

Implementation Phase


We design and implement software dedicated to electronic devices. We offer low-level programming services.

Reconfigurable systems and IPCores

We develop hardware descriptions of complete reconfigurable systems as well as dedicated functional blocks (IPCore).

What can we do for you?

Development of the software architecture concept, taking into account the characteristics of the target platform

Implementation of solutions for selected hardware platform using software engineering techniques

Optimization of solutions in terms of operating speed, hardware resource utilization, response time, reliability and power consumption

Analysis of various parts of the system using special tools and equipment developed by FastLogic for automated testing of embedded systems

Development of full documentation of the performed tests

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Electronic devices containing electronic components which are subject to programming (processors, microcontrollers, etc.) are equipped with the appropriate controlling program; we offer services in the design and implementation of software for embedded systems as well as low-level software for PCs. We offer our clients the services covering the phases from the development of the specification to the final testing. Software development process proceeds with particular emphasis on iterative prototyping process until a satisfactory outcome for the Client is obtained.


In our projects we use software engineering techniques – for example, using a logical division of software into abstraction layers, so that once developed code is not subject to significant changes when introducing new functionalities or even when changing the hardware platform, etc.


Our experience also includes highly specialized tasks, such as:

  • Compilers – modification of the default behavior of the GCC and LLVM compilers and extending their functionality,
  • Data acquisition systems with high-throughput based on Gigabit Ethernet or PCIexpress technologies.

Programming languages

  • C
  • C++
  • Assembler for Intel and ARM processors

Operating systems

  • Services (Windows) or daemons (Linux)
  • Dedicated device drivers for Linux oraz Windows systems (Windows Driver Model or Windows Driver Foundation technologies)


  • ATCA
  • uTCA
  • VME


  • Intel
  • Atmel
  • Texas Instruments (C2000, C64x+, MSP430, ARM)
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Freescale Semiconductor
  • STM

Systemy operacyjne czasu rzeczywistego



  • MBUS
  • GazModem I
  • GazModem II
  • CAN

Our software is compatible with MISRA C and MISRA C ++ standards.

Reconfigurable systems and IPCores


In advanced electronic systems, where the response time data acquisition and processing is critical, reprogrammable FPGA chips are typically used.


Preparation of hardware description for reconfigurable systems does not fit into the usual categories of software or standard knowledge in this field. It requires from the designer a thorough knowledge of digital architectures, their limitations, and above all, the knowledge of hardware description languages ​​in the context of logic synthesis, as well as the skillful use of tools dedicated for this purpose.


FastLogic offers its many-year experience to support the development of the hardware decription of complete reconfigurable systems (e.g. based on PowerPC, MicroBlaze cores) , as well as dedicated functional blocks (IPCores). Closed, specialized IPCore solutions in conjunction with dedicated SoCs is an opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage by reducing the product’s time-to-market, lowering the cost of the device , as well as reducing power consumption due to the ability to implement complex digital systems in one system. An undisputed advantage of such solutions is also relatively easy portability, thanks to which the life of the product resulting from the decreasing availability of certain components is no longer a limitation.


Our experience includes the development of reconfigurable systems for Xilinx and Altera platforms, as well as IP blocks developed in VHDL language.


IP function blocks designed by us are used with success in the industry.

Production Phase


We design the casing of the device, modify the prototype, present a visualization of the final product. We support the process of selecting and verifying suppliers and manufacturers.

Warranty and post warranty service

We carry out post-production support of developed devices and service to maintain software quality.


As part of our projects we provide our servers, we store, share and collect measurement data from the systems we have developed.

What we can do for you?

Works related to industrial design (package design, user interface, etc.) – preparation of visual documentation

Modification of the prototype of an electronic device for the selected package

Production of a package model (3D printer) and the elaboration of a demonstrator, i.e., embedding the pre-production version of an electronic device in the prototype package

Preparation of production documentation (GERBER, BOM, CAD, software batch files, etc.)

Production support (organization of supply of components, monitoring of manufacturing of equipment, labeling, hardware and software versioning)

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And we can start with production.



FastLogic offers its customers the support for the process of the implementation of the developed electronic device, software included. This process consists of preparing the design of the package together with the potential modification of the prototype as well as mass production with labeling and versioning.


The process is supplemented by virtual, and recently more and more often physical, pre-production visualization of the final product using for example 3D printers.


Moreover, when preparing implementation, the production technology undergoes an additional verification, as well as the final choice of component suppliers is made so that the final cost of the product is satisfactory.


We support the process of preparing the visual concept of the product in collaboration with companies operating in the sector of industrial design. We can undertake the cooperation in this field with the indicated company or suggest our regular collaborators. We provide the ability to produce package models made with 3D printers thanks to our trusted partners. In this way we are able to provide a model of the device in a form resembling the final product, which allows the verification of the assumptions and performing the next project iteration before starting the mass production which consumes significant time and financial resources.


We entrust the mass production of electronic devices to our trusted partners.


Warranty and post warranty service


FastLogic conducts post-production services of developed devices by offering:


  • Remote diagnostic and telemetric systems,
  • Remote software update systems.


We also offer maintenance services for ensuring the highest quality of the software:


  • Developing and adapting computer software systems to new requirements of customers, which appear after the completion of the project,
  • Automated and periodic software upgrade procedure for the devices designed by FastLogic.




We offer data hosting services, consisting of the storage, gathering and sharing measurement data from systems developed by FastLogic, like telemetry and remote control systems and others.


As a part of the hosting services, we also provide our servers to enable remote and periodic software update for the developed devices.


We ensure access to the stored information via the WWW interface or directly in XML format. In the frame of the service, a client is provided with the access to all the necessary information without having to invest money in new equipment/services such as a server, a license for SCADA packages or setup and maintenance costs. We provide the archiving of stored information and its protection against unauthorized access. The appearance and the functionality of the web interface is tailored to the individual needs of each client.

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