We make the transition from the prototype phase to the final product, through product improvements and systematic type acceptance, reliability and pre-compliance tests. We carry out the production of a pilot series.

What form does the process take?

OBJECTIVE: obtaining a prototype (demonstrator) and going through the test phases in the operational environment to develop the final form of the technology + achieving TRL VIII or IX

  • Tests

    In addition to functional testing, we develop a test strategy by also introducing reliability, acceptance and pre-certification tests. Systematisation of tests, in both hardware and software, enables the eighth level of technological readiness (TRL VIII) to be achieved.

  • Updates

    We make changes and improvements to hardware and software based on information obtained from testing. We further optimise the project by taking into account production requirements, both in terms of yield, as well as cost, speed of assembly and post-production tests. This is the area of DFX - Design for Excellence: (DFT - Design for Test, DFM-Design for Manufacturing, DFA - Design for Assembly).

  • Certification

    We are preparing the ‘gold-sample’ so-called, which is tested for compliance with the relevant regulations in an accredited laboratory. Depending on the situation, our engineers take part, directly or indirectly, in these types of tests.

  • Pilot project

    We design and make production testing tools, in order to complete the production of a pilot series.

What can we do for you?

  • We can develop a hardware and software test plan

  • We can analyse and make improvements related to Design for Excellence (DFM, DFT, DFA)

  • We can develop production testing protocols

  • We can implement engineering compliance tests (pre-compliance)

  • We can support the certification process

  • We can support the process of obtaining patent protection

  • We can execute and supervise the pilot series

Implementation details

The transition from the prototype phase to the finished product is one of the most difficult challenges in the process of manufacturing electronic devices. That which gets results is experience, which allows the device itself to be appropriately prepared as also the tests for the subsequent production process. Analyses and improvements in the scope of the Design for Excellence, so-called, include improvement of the production, testing and assembly process, aimed at the efficient and smooth delivery of the product to the market. Recently, there is also talk of a new type of improvement to electronic design: “Design for Change”, i.e. enabling the production of an electronic circuit with the use of substitutes, without the costly process of having to redesign the printed circuit. Although such possibilities are quite limited, FastLogic engineers are involved in product improvements in all of the above-mentioned areas, both in projects implemented from the beginning and those that have migrated to us.

The product preparation stage is also a series of tasks related to mechanics, as well confirmation of a product’s compliance with the relevant standards. Our engineers take part in these and other tasks related, for example, to the preparation of substantive parts of patent applications, wherever possible. The culmination of the work is the implementation of a pilot project, i.e. a series of device trials.