We strive to maintain a high production yield and respond to the potential instability of product supply, in the face of changing market conditions. We provide continuous engineering support and monitor the production process.

Production phase

Objective: to maintain a high production yield and a stable supply of the product, in the face of changing market conditions.

  • Production

    We participate, directly or indirectly, in starting up the production process. We monitor and improve the production process on an ongoing basis.

  • Maintenance

    We monitor the reliability of the product, as well as production yield. We try to respond to emerging problems on an ongoing basis and look for possible improvements.

  • Guarantee

    We have a comprehensive guarantee and post-guarantee policy.

What can we do for you?

  • We can co-operate with the EMS supplier in starting up production

  • We can maintain stability and production yield

  • We can maintain product quality

  • We can control hardware and software labelling and versioning

  • We can support implementation of the product warranty policy


Providing the production documentation of the electronic project allows the Customer to independently start and maintain production with the EMS partner selected. Although the above-mentioned activities can, in most cases, be taken over by an EMS supplier, FastLogic, at the Customer’s request, co-operates with such a supplier, in order to maintain and further improve the production process, as well as to remove defects and faults. Our support is usually most important, especially in the first production runs when both the product and the process are still maturing.